Monday, 14 July 2008

SUGUK Session (July 10th)

Thanks to everyone who attended the session last week, and thanks to Steve (et al) for organising...
My slides are available here:


Get Adobe Reader (required to open PDF files)

I hope to provide a step-by-step article covering off my demo within a few days (time permitting).

Thanks also to Bill, Todd, Steve, Penny and Andrew for speaking, I was able to see Todd and Bill and thought them both up to their usual high standards!

I missed out on Andrews session on SCRUM but hopefully it may be replayed at another SUGUK session (?).


The Golf was good fun, the course was in great condition especially considering the rain we've had, personally -  I was awful, after playing quite well this year I was severely disappointed with my round. Myself, Andrew and Tony won the best group and some Srixon balls courtesy of Lee at Aardvark Resourcing.

Although disappointed with my performance, at least I managed to miss the car park off the first tee - which Andrew didn't ;)

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