Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Blogging internally does not have be technology or work related…

I like technology. It frustrates me at times, but overall it has enriched the way I experience life. You may feel the same.


We (Trinity) recently launched internal blogging. I made the point to the team that delivered it that blog content doesn’t have to be work related. It needs to reflect your passions, if your personality comes across people will read…


I like photography. Here are a few of my images.




I would be delighted to discuss the subject with any and all of you…




My interest in photography is quite broad, realistically I am a novice at best, I like to shoot a range of subjects.




I use a Canon 400D with a range of glass, I haven’t splashed out on any “L” glass, but every time I walk past Jessops my credit card tries to jump out of my wallet ;)




I particularly like shooting with shallow DOF or long exposures. I want to try more landscapes and cityscapes this year, it’s tricky making the time with a young family and work pressures, so night-time shooting sounds a viable plan.




Expect more on this topic, to see more of my images have a look at: http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/grovesfamilyuk (mainly family snaps, but some decent images stand out).



I tweet, do you?


I am finding twitter to be an excellent tool.

I would like to hear your experiences. Would you like to know more?