Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Embedding objects/videos/etc in a MySite blog post

Thanks to the kind people who produced ERTE (http://erte.codeplex.com/), the following guide shows how to embed videos (etc) in a blog post…


1. download and extract this:



2. edit erte.js in your favourite javascript editor (or SPD), edit line 11 to reflect the location of the image:


var imagePath="/personal/mattg/blog/_catalogs/masterpage/erte.gif"


3. upload the 2 files (js and gif) to the _catalogs/masterpage library on your blog site (using SPD)




4. Edit the master page to include the following line (after the <BODY> tag)


<script type="text/javascript" src="/personal/mattg/blog/_catalogs/masterpage/erte.js"></script>


You need to replace “mattg” with your own name (look at the URL to your blog and work it out!)


5. You will now see a new menu option on the Rich Text Editor:




6. use the new menu item to insert the “embed” HTML in your post (the embed code is usually available on sites like YouTube, MSN SoapBox, SlideShare etc etc)





Updated file download link after moving it to Sky Drive

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