Friday, 24 July 2009

SUGUK slides

The SUGUK session was a great success! The golf was good, the evening sessions were excellent, another well organised SUGUK event – thanks to Steve and Nick for a stirling job once again.

Also big thanks to the guys that donated the prizes at the Golf, and congratulations to those that won!


Andrew Woodard spoke about SCRUM in his session titled “Agile SharePoint Dev – is it Wicked?” and had some excellent interaction from the audience and some great feedback afterwards (before he fell asleep at the bar!).

Andrew is really passionate about Agile development and TDD and his passion and enthusiasm really adds to his presenting.


My session “Leveraging Web 2.0 within your organisation” went very well and also had some good interaction from the audience, the ‘crowd sourcing’ element worked well I thought and there were plenty of good ideas, thoughts and comments – I would have liked to have carried on for a little longer but I wanted to finish on time (just out of courtesy to the attendees, and nothing to do with Andrew’s open bar tab!).


We had over 40 attendees for the evening session, and as usual, lots of great conversations in bar afterwards during the obligatory #sharepint


My slides are available below…




The feedback was all very positive in the bar afterwards and there were also several twitter posts while I was speaking (the back channel was very much open and active!), some of the feedback is shown below:


From: @mattmoo2 - @mattgroves has to be the most visually pleasing presentation i have seen :)


From: @danhaywood - @mattgroves Really enjoyed tonight mate, great slide deck and content, good to catch up, Enderby 9 holes...when u free?


From: @andrewwoody - Love the slides in matts session, #suguk


From: @m_macrae - #followfriday @AndrewWoody @mattgroves great presentations at #suguk we could have discussed for hours! Good banter in the bar too :)


From: @pinkpetrol - Shout out - #suguk last nite, another sucess thanks to the speakers @AndrewWoody @stevesmithck & @mattgroves - if you havent been you should


I am always seeking to improve my presentation style and knowledge of topics, so if you have any feedback for me please comment here or get in touch via the options on the About Me page.


Can’t wait until the next SUGUK – would like to hear peoples thoughts for future topics (not just for me!).

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