Friday, 31 July 2009

Viewing multiple calendars in Outlook 2010

I really like the calendar over-lay in Outlook 2007, it makes it so easy to see what your team are up to and where you can schedule time (without the constraint of the Outlooks “find next free time”, which doesn’t take into account ‘provisional’ or ‘flexible’ bookings, etc).


The view in 2010 is even better!




The row based view kicks in after you add the 4th person (5 calendars, in addition to your own, if you see what I mean!).


This makes looking at multiple diaries much clearer than the column based layout.




The other really useful feature of calendaring in 2010 is calendar groups, this looks just like ‘groups’ did in 2007, but rather than someone else's calendar only being able to exist in one group (I had groups based on organisational departments/teams), this allows the creation of groups where a given calendar can exist in multiple groups.

What I mean by this is that I still have organisational based groups (sales, PMO, developers, etc) but can now add client based (or project based) groupings, see the screen shot to the left for an example.

Here you see the “XXX management” and “XXXX Projects Team”, these are custom groups, all of the ‘members’ calendars exist in the organisational groups as well.

This makes it very easy and quick to see what a given team are up to. Whereas in 2007 I’d have had to tick the individuals within the organisational groups to build an equivalent view.

The only mild disappointment is that if someone appears in multiple groups (and you have multiple groups selected) they appear in the view multiple times.

In the screen shot to the left you’ll see Edd C is in the “Management” and “Projects Team” groups, so his calendar shows twice in my view. Obviously this can be lived with for the few times it occurs, but it would be nice (IMO) to have logic to only show Edd once…


More Office 2010 stuff to follow, now I am allowed to talk about the Office 2010 Client apps, you’ll have to wait for the public beta of the servers before I can start posting about them.




If you have server side questions, please wait, I will not breach NDA to answer them.

Until the NDA is lifted (probably in the public beta timeframe),you can feel free to post questions, but don’t expect a response, yet ;)


  1. I too love the improvements we have had in Outlook 2003, 2007 and now 2010 in the Calendar department.

    But when oh when are we going to have the ability to view multiple calendars on our Windows Mobile devices?

  2. @Anonymous -I hear you, but there is barely the screen space needed for my own calendar let alone showing anyone else's as well!

  3. why can't i default display multiple calendars when i open outlook 2010? it defaults to only the main calendar every time i close and reopen.

  4. @brobry - I have no idea. Sorry. The way I work around this is to use groups, you can add another users calendar to more than one group, therefore having a combination of grouping methods. For example, I have the following groups:

    -Team: Matt Groves
    -Project: [etc]
    -Team: Development
    [plus a few more for Sales, Marketing, senior management team, other professional services teams/practices, also some groups are based on Office location (e.g. London based staff)]

    So, one user (let's call him Paul) can exist in my teams group and both project groups, and if he's based in London he'd appear in the 'London Staff' group too...

    Basically making scheduling much much easier...

    Make sense??


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