Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Audiences in SharePoint 2010

Just noticed a bit of an inconsistency between the People SA and the Audience Timer job definition/config.


Basically, you have 2 ways of configuring the same thing, however, if you go via the Timer job you can set values that don’t exist if you go via the People SA…


What is more worrying is that if you set the value to (for example) Minutes in the Timer Job UI the SA reports “no schedule set”…



[click to open larger image]


Wondering what value is actually set (or effective, depending on terminology) I thought Powershell would help… So I fired it up (and learned my lesson from my earlier post!) and ventured into the supplied help file…


Firstly, let me say OMG! what an awful help file, no search, nothing in any discernable order…


However, after much manual searching I found “Get-SPTimerJob”, sounded like it ought to do the trick ;)


So, I tried:


PS C:\Windows\system32> get-sptimerjob -type “Audience Compilation Job”


Nothing returned!


Then I tried:


PS C:\Windows\system32> get-sptimerjob -type ea4b7a03-27fa-4f64-885b-beaa8a4886c9


(got the GUID from the querystring on the URL in the web UI).


Nothing returned!


I give up. More important things to worry about…


  1. Get-SPTimerJob | Format-Table -property id,title

  2. not sure why I posted anonymous, but anyway, the above gave me the GUID.


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