Monday, 23 November 2009

Extending iPhone battery

I was recently asked (by a surprising convert to the iPhone, you know who you are Bob!) about extending the battery life, so i sent him this:


>Turn off WiFi/Bluetooth when not needed

>Disable "push" and sync at an interval

>Dim the screen

>Only charge when <3% remaining (requires discipline that I often don't have!)

>Turn it off overnight!

>Turn off vibration for alerts/calls/games

>Turn off notifications

>Don't have loads of email/calendar/etc accounts on the iphone

>Disable 3G! (we seldom get proper 3G coverage in the UK anyway - outside major cities)

>Disable location services

>Decrease auto-off setting to 1 or 2 mins (from default of 5)

>Turn off "load remote images" on email

>Turn off repeating alerts for email/sms/appointments


I have found it better to sync large volumes (eg app updates) over Wifi than over Edge/3G, as the time is so much shorter the power drain is actually less...


Hopefully someone will find this useful…

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