Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Key considerations for SharePoint 2010

Before you rush off to deploy 2010, take a moment to pause and think if you’re going to hit some stumbling blocks…

While there is so much in 2010 to get excited about, there is the day-to-day reality of “real world IT” to consider, here are a few of my thoughts about what you should be thinking and discussing before you get too far…


1. SharePoint 2010 requires x64 (including x64 SQL).

2. You cannot “skip” MOSS2007 and go straight to SP2010 from SPS2003

3. Does your licencing cover you? Did you include SA when you bought your 2007 licences?

4. How have you customised 2007? Will your customisations migrate easily? How much have the users done (that you may not know about)?

5. Do you know which other systems within your estate integrate with SharePoint? Will they work with 2010?

6. IE 6 is NOT a supported browser!!

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