Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Office 2010 issues

I have now installed (three times!) the Beta 2 build of Office 2010.


Having 2 issues:


  1. The title bar still states “Technical Preview”

  2. I have been unable to activate Office (error stated a problem with the “setup controller”)


The first seems to be a known issue, excerpt from a post to the beta forums:


“This is a known issue when you uninstall the Technical Preview build and
then install the Beta build.  As long as you click on File tab | Help and
see 4536 as your build number, then you are using the official Office 2010
Beta build.”


So, I have ignored issue 1 as it doesn’t really matter. I would add that an easier way of checking you’re running Beta 2 is that the program icons are all different!


Issue 2 was what lead me to uninstall/reinstall three times. After much digging/tracing/google-ing I was at a loss, but by chance I selected “change” rather than “uninstall” on Office 2010…




This then allows you to enter the product key!



So, go here and enter your key, then wait around 5 minutes while it does something (??), then you’re sorted ;)


Open up an Office app (e.g Outlook) and you will prompted to activate:


image    image



After activating you will still be warned that the product isn’t activated (with a rather prominent red title bar!).



Close the app, if you opened Outlook, as I did, then remember to wait until is it really closed, then re-open and you should no longer have a red title bar.


You can confirm you’re OK by looking at “help” in the out space back stage UI:



Job done.


This also seems to resolve Issue 1, an nice bonus ;)


I’m sure that it won’t be this much of a PITA come RC/B2TR/RTM…


  1. Thank you very much... I uninstalled 3 times before I found your blog!

  2. No problem Jeff, glad you found this useful info


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