Monday, 16 November 2009

SP2010 installation error!

I really enjoy participating in beta programmes, having to work things out for yourself with very limited support from the blogosphere and UseNet is (usually) an enjoyable challenge, the SharePoint 2010 beta is no exception…


Well, I say “no exception” but what I mean is “An exception of type Microsoft.SharePoint.PostSetupConfiguration.PostSetupConfigurationTaskException was thrown.  Additional exception information: An error has occurred while validating the configuration settings.  An exception of type System.ArgumentNullException was thrown.  Additional exception information: The errorData argument cannot be null or zero length. “


After some diagnosis found this was due to the Windows firewall blocking PSConfig from talking to remote hosts!


So, what the error should say is:


Due to the Windows Firewall being enabled the PSConfig cannot create a connection to remote hosts (eg. your SQL server!!). Please allow PSConfig out through the firewall!


Having now created the firewall rule I am making progress!


Of course, some will simply disable Windows Firewall ;)


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  2. I have received the same error, and I have turned off all firewalls. Everything is 2008, they (the servers) all can see each other. The domain account being used has "sysadmin" role in the SQL instance (which is "0864-SQL\SQL2008").

    Any other ideas besides the firewall? :) I think that this might be related to the Hotfix (not out just yet) needed for 2008 R2, which is what i currently have.

  3. James, you may want to check the config on SQL regarding network protocols, go to 'SQL Server Config manager > SQL network config > protocols > TCP > properties > IP address tab > select IP > set 'enabled' to Yes

    Let me know if that helps.

  4. Make sure that you alter all profiles in the Windows Firewall. After I created the allow rule inbound / outbound for PSConfig and verified the TCP on SQL I still had issues, but once I made sure all of the allow values were set for the "inactive" private and public profiles it worked. I guess they're not really inactive after all ;-)


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