Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Dear Santa – can I have a 7D for Christmas?

After weeks drooling over online and magazine reviews, and generally suffering from geek-need-new-toy desire, I will be getting one!!


image couresy of DPReview.com

The Canon 7D


As usual, DPReview have an excellent (and detailed) review: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canoneos7d/


Official Canon micro-site for the 7D: http://www.canon-europe.com/cpn_eos7d/ (some good videos)


I am sooooo pleased that Mrs G is letting me have one ;)

[thanks babe, love you!!]


The main reasons I want need one are:


> 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor = awesome detail and no need to spend £x,000’s on new glass for a full frame body!

> 8fps shooting = wow! no more missed shots of the kids doing something hilarious ;)

> ISO 100-12800 = and the reports/reviews show well controlled noise at higher ISO, better for me shooting the kids indoors ;)

> 19 cross-type AF points and new dedicated AF sensor with point and zone selection = fast and accurate AF ;)

> iFCL metering system with 63-zone metering for Focus, Colour and Luminance = great exposures ;)
> Dual "DIGIC 4" = speed, low noise, sharp, sexy and slick image output ;)

> Full HD movie =  one Sony Handicam destined for ebay ;)

> Integrated Speedlite Transmitter = so my 580EXII will work off-camera further than 1m away (my cable is only 1m long!) with full TTL2 support ;)

> 3” Clear View II LCD – much better than the LCD on my 400D ;)

> Live View - not new to Canon but new to a 400D owner! ;)

> Magnesium body + environmental protection = virtually indestructible, well, OK, maybe not, but super-cool nonetheless ;)

> BULB-1/8000 sec shutter = twice as fast as the 400D ;)

> Richer info in the viewfinder = less looking down at the LCD ;)

> Top LCD panel – again, not new, but new to a 400D owner ;)

> Highlight Tone Priority & Auto Lighting Optimizer = great exposures ;)

> 2 continuous modes, 8fps and ~3fps ;)

> M-RAW and S-RAW ;)

> Massively customisable menus and settings ;)


Waiting until pay day will be a long wait though……….

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