Thursday, 3 December 2009

Good enough is good enough (?)

This has been a hectic month.

It has been a very hectic year.


Between work and family life I have struggled to get much done. I came up with a mantra for this year around February time, after my good friend Malcolm sadly passed away and I was thinking about priorities in life…


“Good enough is good enough…”


After some brief analysis of where my time was being spent I realised that my desire to exceed expectation and to over-deliver was sucking my time away.


So, I thought I could address this by focussing on delivering the “acceptable”, something that is “good enough”.


I have been told that my perception of “good enough” is what needs focus and attention.


Or maybe it doesn’t?


What is wrong with striving to be the best I can be? To author the best documents and content? To deliver the best solutions?


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I agree that sometimes “good enough is good enough” – but I can’t default to it…


Therefore I will continue to strive, to push and surpass. But when I need, or want, it to be, good enough will have to be good enough…

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