Tuesday, 27 April 2010

If you liked my SPEVO slides (or others), check this out…

Having an interest in both presentations/slides and photography, I really like some of these images, there are certain elements that make an image usable in a presentation, IMO these are:


- must have a strong composition

- should have a logical space for text (with a solid background on this area)

- should be sharp

- should have low noise (digital noise common on low-spec cameras)

- abstract is OK, but mustn’t be too dominating/random

- must have contextual relevance to your message/story

- if you’re buying images the ability to re-use them in differing contexts maximises your value ;)

- should avoid too many strong colours (makes it harder to overlay a standard footer)


Basically, the images and content in your slides should add context and augment your messages, having pretty pictures for the sake of it adds nothing. I really like having a couple of words (or a quote) on the slides against a contextual backdrop of a visually pleasing (but relevant) image.

It works for me…


I have previously recommended a couple of books that have helped me with my presentation (and slideware) styles: http://www.mattgrovesblog.com/2009/12/presentations-5-rules.html

I strongly recommend looking at Duarte’s “5 rules” in PowerPoint 2010  - assuming it made it into RTM!!!



My personal favourites from the deck above are:


13 – strong composition (if a tad obvious) with space for text on a solid backgound

19 – good composition with space for text on a solid backgound

23 – usable in lots of contexts

70 – great image (having tried to capture water drops myself I can guarantee this image took time!)

68 – if moved off-center (easy as it’s a solid white background) this can be used in lots of ways

81 – used this myself as an Agenda slide! (just use the right font!)

95 – usable in lots of contexts


The ones I recommend avoiding:


38 – too predictable ;)

39 – too many clouds – there are better “blue sky with white fluffy clouds” images out there!

50 – I don’t see a message this could convey (happy to hear your thoughts)

61 – far too busy

71 – trite

72 – boring

76 – I don’t see a message this could convey (happy to hear your thoughts)

82 – rubbish

83 – un-usable

99 – I don’t like it, but I think @soulsailor might ;)

Element not found error

Back in the office after SPEVO and found I was getting javascript errors accessing our MOSS 2007 Intranet. Error:


Element not found


After working out that the init.js probably related to presence I re-installed the Office Communicator R2 client, no dice, then repaired Office 2010 (RC). All sorted now…

Thursday, 22 April 2010

SPEVO – Day 3 photos

It is over.

The SharePoint Evolution Conference came to an end today…


Steve Smith and CK crew (also the speakers who stepped in to deliver extra sessions, esp Spencer, Chris, Ben, Eric and Andrew) deserve a lot of credit for pulling off ‘Mission Impossible’ in keeping the event packed with excellent content and running smoothly – given the interruption from Eyjafjallajokull…


I enjoyed the sessions I did – particularly my session on Web2.0 – and hope to be back next year!


Here are a few pics from the final day…

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Slides from second session at SPEVO

Although we’ve done a lot of SUGUK events together, Steve and I had never actually presented together, so we thought it was about time we did – and given the number of speakers not able to make it over for the conference the timing just seemed apt!


We presented on the Information Worker track and covered some of the new features for Site Admins and discussed some of the key considerations for Site administration in SharePoint 2010.




The video will be available on the conference DVD…


As always, feedback very welcome!

Day 2 shots from spevo

Here you go!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

My first session at SPEVO…

Wow! What a morning!


Delivered my first session “What does web 2.0 and social networking mean to the user” at the SharePoint Evolution Conference.

The feedback so far has been awesome – it seems to have been very well received, with lot’s of great comments on twitter: http://twitter.com/#search?q=%23IW208


The session was interrupted by a fire alarm (which I hope gets edited out of the video as it really threw me off track!) but other than that went very well indeed ;)


Slides below – for those who can’t wait for the DVD or weren’t able to make it over…



Feedback welcome ;)