Tuesday, 27 April 2010

If you liked my SPEVO slides (or others), check this out…

Having an interest in both presentations/slides and photography, I really like some of these images, there are certain elements that make an image usable in a presentation, IMO these are:


- must have a strong composition

- should have a logical space for text (with a solid background on this area)

- should be sharp

- should have low noise (digital noise common on low-spec cameras)

- abstract is OK, but mustn’t be too dominating/random

- must have contextual relevance to your message/story

- if you’re buying images the ability to re-use them in differing contexts maximises your value ;)

- should avoid too many strong colours (makes it harder to overlay a standard footer)


Basically, the images and content in your slides should add context and augment your messages, having pretty pictures for the sake of it adds nothing. I really like having a couple of words (or a quote) on the slides against a contextual backdrop of a visually pleasing (but relevant) image.

It works for me…


I have previously recommended a couple of books that have helped me with my presentation (and slideware) styles: http://www.mattgrovesblog.com/2009/12/presentations-5-rules.html

I strongly recommend looking at Duarte’s “5 rules” in PowerPoint 2010  - assuming it made it into RTM!!!



My personal favourites from the deck above are:


13 – strong composition (if a tad obvious) with space for text on a solid backgound

19 – good composition with space for text on a solid backgound

23 – usable in lots of contexts

70 – great image (having tried to capture water drops myself I can guarantee this image took time!)

68 – if moved off-center (easy as it’s a solid white background) this can be used in lots of ways

81 – used this myself as an Agenda slide! (just use the right font!)

95 – usable in lots of contexts


The ones I recommend avoiding:


38 – too predictable ;)

39 – too many clouds – there are better “blue sky with white fluffy clouds” images out there!

50 – I don’t see a message this could convey (happy to hear your thoughts)

61 – far too busy

71 – trite

72 – boring

76 – I don’t see a message this could convey (happy to hear your thoughts)

82 – rubbish

83 – un-usable

99 – I don’t like it, but I think @soulsailor might ;)

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  1. Hi Matt,

    - 38: I agree
    - 39: I agree
    - 50: I agree
    - 61: It's aimed at showing it's busy :-)
    - 71: I agree but sometimes it's needed...
    - 72: I agree
    - 76: Alignment of things but cannot be used alone --> need other slides with pencils before + text can be included in horizontally
    - 82: Why Rubish ?
    - 83: I don't agree. Difficult in full screen mode (even if not impossible) but very easy if limited to a part of a slide
    - 99: -

    Jean-Luc Niezette.


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