Friday, 23 July 2010

SUGUK session on “preparing your business for SharePoint 2010”

Great day at SUGUK yesterday, really enjoyed the Golf (although managed 9 holes due to urgent work matters needed attention) and the evening with the SUGUK crowd.

Went round with Penny and Alex and great fun (until work took priority).


After the Golf it was a case of quick shower, hit the bar then make the final tweaks to my deck for the evening.

I was up first and covered what organisations need to be thinking about and planning ahead of a SharePoint 2010 deployment, both technically and organisationally.

After a break for scran, which was excellent (as usual at the Ullesthorpe hotel), Steve Smith then kicked off his session on load/capacity/stress testing SharePoint 2010and some of the big ticket capacity challenges you may face. Great session by Steve and I think everyone learned a great deal from it, I know I did!


The slide deck for my session is available below:


View more presentations from Matt Groves.

I’ll try to get around to adding in some notes that cover off what i discussed on each slide as I appreciate that without seeing them delivered you may not get the full story.


From the feedback i had in the bar it would appear that the slightly less technical sessions that I tend to do go down quite well, certainly there was a lot of talk later on about how to attract more IW’s to the events while still offering relevant content for the (more mainstream) Dev’s and IT Pro’s. There were some good ideas and hopefully we’ll be able to make inroads in this area in the coming months.


Was great to see some old faces I haven’t seen in a while and meet some people for the first time, it’s really good to see new blood getting involved and growing the community.

As those of you that know me with already be aware of, I am really passionate about the SharePoint community and believe it is one of the most vibrant and active communities centred around a Microsoft technology out there. I’ve enjoyed some of the NxtgenUg meeting immensely and this is probably the only other UG I would say comes close to the SharePoint community (and specifically the UG in the UK and those over the world!) in any way.


Thanks (BIG thanks), once again, to Steve for organising the Golf, hosting the UG and donating the prizes. Without this guy there wouldn’t be the vibrant community that I’m proud to be involved in!

Thanks also to the Mostyn Hotel and the Ullesthorpe Court Hotel for donations of prizes!


On a semi-related note, the date for the inaugural SharePoint Saturday has been announced, it will be on the 2nd of October. More info will be announced next week when the guys have the site ready, follow @spsuk for the latest news…


P.S. I’d like to point out that although this post mentions both SUGUK and SharePoint Saturday these are in no way related to one another and neither endorses the other…


P.P.S. lastly I’d like to apologise and clarify something, as many of you will know Mark Macrae is a Krav Maga practitioner, I knew this was a martial art of some sort and described it in my session (in a off the cuff remark) as “jap slapping” as I had assumed that like many martial arts it was of Oriental origin. I meant no offense by this in any way. In the bar, and over a very welcome SharePint Mark clarified that is actually of Israeli origin, read more here: