Monday, 4 October 2010

SPSUK – SharePoint in the Cloud

I’ll get around to a full review of SharePoint Saturday later this week, in summary:


The event was great, lots of familiar faces and met several new ones!

Excellent attendance and great participation.

I thought Brett, Tony and Mark did a sterling job of organising it. A few (minor) lessons learned for next year but that will always be the case.

I only caught a few minutes of the other sessions but what I saw was really good, to my mind it speaks volumes about the vibrancy of the SharePoint community in the UK that so many top-notch speakers gave up there time on Saturday (and all the prep time!!) and over 250 people gave up their own time to attend.


My session (SharePoint in the Cloud) was well attended (I am told over 80!) and I thought went quite well.


My slides are available below:



If there are any questions please feel free to drop me a line, either here in comments or via the various social platforms ;)


If you want to trail BPOS, click:

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