Monday, 7 February 2011

SUGUK Slides from Feb 3rd

Once again I was honoured to be invited to speak at the user group, especially speaking alongside John Timney (MVP).


As I have developed somewhat of a reputation for speaking at SUGUK and barely mentioning SharePoint I’d thought I’d continue in the same vein Winking smile


My first SUGUK presentation was on publishing SharePoint extranets using ISA 2006 (is it really that long ago!?!?), since then I’ve presented on several topics including social networking, business readiness and configuring authentication providers… So, for this one I thought an overview of where the Forefront Suite can fit into a SharePoint deployment/strategy and how it can add value.

So, related to SharePoint this time Winking smile


More info on the evening is available, as always, on the SUGUK site:


My session covered the wins available in Forefront, and quickly skirting over the elements of the suite that aren’t really relevant (e.g. Client Security).

I then went on to cover some of the basics of presenting to the user groups with a bit of call to action – if you’d like to present at a future session, please get in touch with the regional coordinators via and if you’d like any help preparing just drop me a line, I’m more than happy to help!


The slides are available below:




If you open it in a larger window (icon on the bottom right of the embedded control) you’ll see the animations too!


Please get in touch: if you have any questions, I’d really like to hear your feedback (via the channel of your choice!).


Big thanks to Mark and Tony (once again) for organising, hosting and providing the food!!




had a couple of question about mind mapping. I use MindMeister, this is a low cost online service (it’s all about the cloud, baby!!!) and find it excellent. They had to remove offline capability due to Google ditching Gears, but their replacement is due anytime now. Other than that I find it excellent. The real-time collab feature is simply awesome (used a lot with @soulsailor) and actually used the ‘playback’ of the map growing/evolving at an event as a back-drop while people entered the room and found seats (etc). If you want to try it, sign up (free) here:

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