Monday, 15 August 2011

A great session at Bluebell Lakes and a new UK PB!


I had a great 48 hour session at Bluebell lakes with my father-in-law and my mate Mark.


The lake isn’t easy and we all struggled to get going, but over the course of the session I managed to land 5 fish (from 7 bites) for a total of 84lb including a magnificent (new UK PB) twenty pounder:


Matt Groves with a 20lb Common Carp

20lb Common Carp


Mark had one Carp (over 20lb) and three Tench - we won’t mention the duck he caught or the tree branches Winking smile


Slideshow of pictures below:



For those using devices that don’t support Flash (e.g. iPhone) you can use this link: Matt’s Bluebell lakes Album


  1. Nice looking fish Matt. Good work if you managed to get past the Bream.
    What did you catch them on?

  2. Didn't have a Bream between us (Mark had 3 Tench).

    The fish were on New Grange or Cell fished over a gravel patch. Although I did have one to Fruitella pop-up on the far margin.


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