Wednesday, 10 August 2011

My $0.02


To anyone questioning the Police reaction to recent events: cast your mind back to the G20 protests, the Police were slated for a swift and robust reaction, so they were directed from above to be more cautious, yet there are questions being asked now (obviously with the wonderful benefit of hindsight) about recent events and if the Police should have been more forceful earlier. It's especially irritating that the same people who slated them at G20 for being too harsh are slating them now for being too soft, FFS guys, give them a break.


As someone with strong family ties to the Police force my opinion may be biased, however, the on-the-ground bobbies are not given the support from senior officers or politicians, their actions are constantly questioned, and when they do react to provocation they are left hanging. Simply not acceptable. They (the on-the-ground officers) should not be expected to go out on the streets to be attacked with rocks and petrol bombs, and then use anything less than reasonable force to defend themselves, the public, and property. That is the job they are tasked with.


I don't mean to come across like Jack Nicholson's character in 'A Few Good Men', but, the safe communities in which we live are (albeit not exclusively) thanks to decent people putting on a uniform and dealing with unimaginable (to the majority of us) situations under incredibly difficult circumstances, I think we should simply say "thank you" and leave them to get on with their jobs.



Boris Johnson (interviewed on Radio 2 this morning) was spot on when he said that parents/teachers/blue light services have been failed by the authorities as they are in a position where they fear prosecution/reprimand for enforcing discipline and boundaries, hence the view from some of the criminals interviewed last night/this morning that they can simply 'get away with it'.


I knew exactly where the boundaries were growing up, because my parents (and grandparents), teachers, community leaders, local bobby, shop owners, sports coaches, neighbours (in fact largely any adult influence I had) were able to clearly enforce the boundaries of acceptable behaviour.


It seems this is no longer the case.


And it's a shame...

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