Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Fishing announcement

As many of you who know me, or follow me on the social media platforms, will be aware - I am passionate about Carp Fishing. To me, it's escapism, it's gets me away from the pressures of work and gives me some "me" time.

I've been taking it reasonably seriously for the last couple of years (seriously in terms of time, effort and money) and am now pleased to announce that I am officially associated with Berkley Gulp Carp baits!!!!

Berkley Gulp
I will be field testing the baits, providing feedback for them and promoting the bait through their blog.
This marks a significant step in the evolution of my fishing, one that I'm particularly pleased about, and I’m really looking forward to being involved with Berkley.

Berkley Gulp Carp is a range of baits including boilies (a boilie is a bait made from a high nutritional value powders and flavours, mixed with egg then boiled to form a hard skin), particles (seeds, nuts and pulses) and pellets. They may well the most scientifically advanced bait on the market today, the thinking and research behind them is quite phenomenal (see:Video1, Video2, Video3), I hope to using it to best effect in the coming months!

I’ll be starting on the Irish Cream and the Squid&Liver boilies, along with a mix of the particles.

I’m hoping the new bait will enable me to catch through the winter and bag a few more lumps like the one below:

Matt Groves and the 48lb 4oz lake record from Le Monument

Hopefully tales of my success on the Berkley Gulp Carp Bait will inspire you to get on it yourself, in which case I can recommend getting your bait from Fosters of Birmingham, I’m not affiliated with them in anyway but I rate them really highly for first class service and the store in Birmingham is one of the best in the country (if not THE best!). Order online here: http://www.fostersofbirmingham.co.uk/carp-and-barbel/bait/berkley


  1. Congratulations!
    Will point my friends (who have time for fishing) over to Berkley, they have a France trip planned for next year so they will need to stock up.

    Rob of Combined Knowledge.

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